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by Mark Otuteye


Ten Products Google Should Develop

1) Google TV

According to comScore, 1 out of 3 adults regularly watch TV while surfing the internet. Why not have personalized television ads tailored specifically for each user? Google TV links online search habits to TV advertisement to deliver personalized television ads to each viewer as they watch their shows. Instead of seeing irrelevant commercials aimed at a location and age demographic, Google TV Ads would be responsive to your buying habits (from Froogle), your channel surfing history (from the cable co.), the website you're currently viewing (Google search history) and ultimately, your current state of mind. In addition, Google TV Ads would use information about what television show you are watching to deliver even more targeted text ads to the websites that you visit.

Based on
Google Video
Google AdSense
Digital TV for all by 2009

2) Google Recommender

Imagine typing a report and getting relevant information suggested from a tab at the bottom of your word processor? Google Recommender would suggest blogs, search results, relevant email, scholarly articles and print books based on what I'm typing. Info would show up at the bottom of MS Word or wherever I'm typing.

Inspired by
Systemone Design
Google Suggest

3) Google BarCode

1) Walk into a store (grocery, clothes, computer)
2) Take a picture of the barcode of an item
3) Get Froogle Local Search results of which nearby stores carry the same item more cheaply. Google BarCode would even add in the cost of time and gas and only show those products which were lower overall.

In a twist on the system, merchants would be automatically informed if you located cheaper products and could then bid for your business by offering you an electronic coupon, a discount on the product in their store if you bought it in the next say, half hour.

Based on
Froogle Local Shopping (Beta)
NY Times: Walmart is Scared of Google

4) Google Genetics


Google Genetics would be a site with my personal DNA sequence on it. It would be able to tell me diseases I might be suseptible to and the likelihood of future hereditary ailments. Most promisingly, however, Google Genetics would serve up personalized biomeds based on my specific genetic make-up. I could make the file accessible to a doctor or I could buy medicine through Google Genetics itself.

Based on
Time Magazine: Google + Genetics

5) Google Storage

A Free 250GB Hard Drive on the Web. Google supports the product with AdSense ads based on people's personal files and download/upload habits. Personal File Analytics software would allow you to see your files as a hierarchy or a star web and would give information on file usage, download/upload history, program usage. Google Storage would suggest other files for you to download based on the ones you've got. And of course, lightning-fast Google Desktop search from any screen in the universe.

6) Google Video Search

Google recognizes the images within untagged video and allows users to search for keywords. Based on this article entitled Video Google, on Google Scholar.

7) Google Pen

Write like a pen, then quickly highlight a word for Google search. Or scan by circling text. Google looks up the scanned version online in its massive Google Print database. The coordinates from the circle could then be mapped to a digital page and translated into a chunk of text which would be automatically added to your notebook.


8) Google Billboards

Imagine walking by an bus stop ad and having it change to show you Slashdot headlines plus relevant Google ads? Your cell phone would silently communicate your reading, buying and searching habits so that any E-ink or LCD-based advertisement could serve up just the information and ads that interested you. Goggle would do the back-end ad-targeting work, of course. For large spaces like Times Square, ads would be chosen based on the combined preferences of all the nearby viewers.

In addition, I'd like to see Google serve up ads for Hypertag, a British company that uses a small responder to turn billboards and bustop ads into website links. You can point and click your cell phone at a hypertagged Harry Potter billboard and instantly be taken to the website for the latest Harry Potter movie. Or you can point at a McDonalds billboard and get Google Maps directions to the nearest Micky D's.

Based on

9) Google Sing & Draw Search

Sing the song you want to find to look it up. Imagine humming the tune to that one song that you love but can't remember the name. For the musicians, Google should also include a way to draw notes on a staff to search through sheet music. Interface could be similar to Retrievr.


10) Google Travel

Google Travel would get you from A to B in stress-free style. Eliminating combo boxes, radio boxes, sliders and other garbage inputs, Google Travel would feature one text box and parse your request form starting address to finish address, door-to-door, not airport-to-airport like other lame services. Google Travel would send you an SMS text message of the wait time at the security line. It would send your loved ones an email or phone call when you landed to let them know you made it safely. And finally, with optional RFID'd luggage, Google Travel would text you an update on precisely when your bag would arrive at the baggage claim, down to the second.

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Real Google Products

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Recent Acquisitions

Android software for mobile phones., a usenet group site. Now Google Groups.

Dodgeball social networking via telephone.

Keyhole, worldwide satellite mapping, Now part of Google Earth.

Picasa photo management.

Pyra Labs, a blogging platform. Now part of

Urchin Software Web Analytics. Now Google Analytics.

Where 2 Technologies Internet mapping, two guys who helped w/ Google Maps.

Zipdash Navigate by phone, get traffic info. Now part of Google Mobile.


Akwan Information Technologies. Now Google's R&D lab in Brazil .

Applied Semantics, meaning-based info retrieval

Kaltix Corp, personalized context-sensitive search

Outride, Inc, personalized search

Business Stuff

Genius Labs, software developer, Biz Stone

Ignite Logic design custom legal sites

Neotonic Software (customer support via email)

Sprinks, pay per click search whose network was a "close fit" with Google Adsense.

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The Google Story
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